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Dog and Cat Boarding At Animal Care of Ponte Vedra

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Leaving your pet behind when you travel is never easy. Let us provide you peace of mind and your pet compassionate, knowledgable care.

Why should Animal Care of Ponte Vedra be the first choice for boarding your pet? Because every patient is checked in by a veterinarian at admission and monitored by a veterinary technician during their stay. You can rest assured that all of your pets medical needs will be met by our well-trained staff. Should any medical problems arise during your pet’s stay, you can have peace of mind that our veterinarians will make sure they are treated appropriately. Proudly named "Best Pet Boarding at the Beaches" in Jacksonville Magazine for several years in a row!


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All the animals under our care are exercised 3 times daily. Our outside fenced yard is shaded by a large oak tree and provides all our boarders the opportunity to sniff a little, play a little and take care of their business in a safe and comfortable environment. It is important to our staff that your pet be as stress-free as possible while spending a few nights away from home, so we will try our best to keep your pet on their regular feeding, medication and walking schedule. We even have a fully equipped kitchen to warm a little something special for a finicky eater and a dishwasher to make sure our food and water bowls are sterilized daily.



We feel the most important aspect of our boarding facility is the soap, water and elbow grease that go into keeping all our runs and kennels clean, clean and clean - our dedicated staff use their knowledge of animal husbandry to keep your pet healthy and happy. We offer separate boarding facilities for cats and dogs, so that all feline friends can have a little peace and quiet during their stay.



Boarder Agreement: Save yourself some time and download this form to fill out and drop off with your pet.

Vaccination Status: All pets must be current on vaccinations.

  • Dogs: DHPP (distemper/hepatitis/parvovirus/parinfluenza), Rabies, Bordatella (Kennel Cough)

  • Cats: Feline Leukemia, FVRCP (feline distemper), Rabies

Medications: If your pet is taking any medications or has special dietary requirements, be sure to inform us.

Emergency: We ask for 2 contact numbers in case of emergency. We will always try to reach you first, but in the interest of hurricane preparedness, we ask for an in town emergency contact that is authorized to care for your pet in the event of an evacuation.

Belongings: You may leave items including leashes, toys, collars and beds with your pet to make their stay more comfortable. However, please be aware that we do not accept any responsibility to damage your pet might inflict on these belongings while in our care.

Bath: All boarded pets staying more than one night receive a bath at the end of their stay at a reduced rate to ensure that they are clean and pest free before their return home. Full spa grooming services are available - IF scheduled in advance. Make sure to request grooming services during their stay when making boarding reservations.

Pick up: If you wish to pick up first thing in the morning, please be sure to let us know so that your pet can have a bath the night before. We have boarding pick up only on Sunday from 5:00 to 5:30 PM. There are no Sunday Pick-Ups on Holiday weekends.